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NCSA, TeraGrid to participate in USA Science & Engineering Festival

What is the universe made of? What do engineers have to do with baseball? What is a supercomputer and how do scientists use them? Find out at the first ever USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo on the National Mall Oct. 23-24!

Children, families, and all with curious minds are invited to explore science and engineering with over 1,500 free, hands-on activities and over 50 stage shows. Build an underwater robot, chat with a Nobel Laureate, explore the science behind the magic of Hogwarts Academy, and see a car that drives itself.

The Supercomputers for Scientific Discovery booth (#1312), will highlight the National Science Foundation’s supercomputers. Stop by and learn about Blue Waters, a new supercomputer to be installed soon at the University of Illinois that will do quadrillions of calculations every second! Take an interactive test drive of a tornado using a computer simulation. Learn how TeraGrid supercomputers warn us about dangerous storms and weather conditions, improve medicine and health care, and design better cars. Use an iPad to learn more about Blue Waters and don’t forget to grab the new edition of NCSA’s supercomputing coloring book!

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