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NCSA welcomes new interns!

31 undergraduate students are starting (or continuing) internships at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) this summer. They are pursuing research and development projects with NCSA staff and affiliated U of I faculty members.

  • Mingzhe Zhao is working with mentor Scott Althaus (Political Science/Cline Center for Democracy) on Dynamic Monitoring and Runtime Configuration of Voyager Web Crawler
  • Shaoshi Ling (Computer Engineering) and Dingcheng Yue (Computer Science) is working with mentor Robert Brunner (Astronomy) on Dark Energy Survey Visualization Tools and Data Mining
  • Lengyue Chen is working with mentor Mike Freemon (NCSA) on the National Data Service project
  • Ziqiao Ding (Computer Science), Mingwei Hu (Computer Science), Shuting Li (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Colter Wehmeier (Architecture) are working with Donna Cox (NCSA/eDream Institute/Art+Design) in the NCSA Advanced Visualization Laboratory
  • Emily Turner (Engineering) is working with mentor Elif Ertekin (Mechanical Science and Engineering) on a project involving the chemistry of hydrogen production at nanosurfaces
  • Brandon Carswell (Parkland College), Shaqueille Thomas (U of I), and Maggie Tracy (Bradley University) are working with mentor Doug Fein, head of NCSA’s IT Services
  • Haotian Jiang (Computer Science) is working with mentor Andrew Ferguson (Materials Science and Engineering) on machine learning QSAR models for antimicrobial peptide design
  • Lin Cheng and Yohann Puri are working with mentor Volodymyr Kindratenko, who leads NCSA’s Innovative Systems Laboratory, on Exploring Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage for Data-Intensive Applications
  • Evan Dotterer and Jihui Yang (both Electrical and Computer Engineering) are working on Hardware Tracking and Error Measuring on the Illinois Campus Cluster with NCSA’s Dan LaPine
  • Michael Yoo is working with mentor Bertram Ludaescher (Library and Information Science/NCSA) on A Tool for Live, Interactive Workflow Views over Programming Scripts
  • Edward Villasenor (Electrical and Computer Engineering) is working with Michael Miller from NCSA’s Event Services team on Speech-to-Text Auto Captioning
  • Yicheng Sun and Rebecca Ventura (both Electrical and Computer Engineering) are working with mentor Barbara Minsker (Civil and Environmental Engineering) on Environmental Informatics and Systems Analysis
  • Emily Chen (Molecular and Cellular Biology) and Xuseng Zhang are working with mentor Andre Schleife (Materials Science and Engineering) on Augmented Reality for Materials Science
  • Dominic Grande (Electrical and Computer Engineering) is working with NCSA visualization programmer Rob Sisernos on The Application of “Big Data” Analytics Techniques to Visualization Algorithms
  • Mingze Gao (Computer Science/Math), Yiming Huang (Engineering), Sun Woo Kim (Engineering), Garrett Nickle, and Rupali Raju (Engineering) are working with Jeff Terstriep (Urban and Regional Planning/NCSA) and the CyberGIS Center
  • Prabhat M. Reddy and Allyson Julian (Liberal Arts and Sciences) are working with Matt Turk (Astronomy/NCSA) in the Data Exploration Lab

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