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NCSA’s Merle Giles co-edits book on industrial impact of HPC

Merle E. Giles, director of Private Sector Programs and Economic Impact at NCSA, and Anwar Osseyran, director of the Dutch HPC and e-cience center SURFsara, are co-editors of a new book on the impact high-performance computing in industry.

The book, Industrial Applications of High-Performance Computing: Best Global Practices, provides a global overview of high-performance computing (HPC) for industrial applications, along with a discussion of software challenges, business models, access models (e.g. cloud computing), public-private partnerships, simulation and modeling, visualization, big data analysis, and governmental and industrial influence. It includes contributions from 11 experts from different industries and countries.

The book—published by CRC Press as part of a series of volumes on computational science edited by Horst Simon of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory—can be ordered at

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