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Nine University of Illinois researchers selected for NCSA Fellowships

Nine faculty members at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have been selected to receive one-year fellowships that will enable their research teams to pursue collaborative projects with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). Fellows work in one of the center’s six thematic areas of research: Bioinformatics and Health Sciences, Computing and Data Sciences, Culture and Society, Earth and Environment, Materials and Manufacturing, and Physics and Astronomy.

NCSA’s Fellowship program provides an opportunity for Illinois’ faculty and researchers to catalyze and develop long-term research collaborations with NCSA. This competitive program provides seed funding for demonstration or start-up projects, workshops, and/or other activities with the potential to lead to longer-term collaborations around research, development and education with particular interest in projects that can lead to stimulating demos of extreme-scale cyberinfrastructure.

The 2016-2017 NCSA Faculty Fellows and their projects are:

  • Ange-Therese Akono — assistant professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Multi-scale and Multi-physics Modeling of Na-PS Geopolymer Cement ​Composites
  • Les Gasser — professor, Library and Information Science
    ​Simulating Social Systems at Scale
  • Nam Sung Kim — associate professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    ​Development of Runtime Page Placement and Migration Algorithms ​for Merging Heterogeneous Main Memory System for Big-Data ​Analytic Applications
  • Ting Lu — assistant professor, Bioengineering
    ​A Multiscale Computational Framework for Studying Bacterial ​Communities
  • Jian Peng — assistant professor, Computer Science
    ​Protein Structure Prediction using Deep Neural Networks
  • Nicole Riemer — associate professor, Atmospheric Sciences
    ​Learning Next-Generation Aerosol Models for Global Climate ​Simulation
  • Rebecca Smith — assistant professor, Pathobiology
    ​Optimization of Agent-Based Models to Improve Infectious Disease ​​Management
  • Ryan Sriver — assistant professor, Atmospheric Sciences
    ​Visualizing Hurricane-Ocean Interactions using CESM
  • Matthew West — associate professor, Mechanical Science and Engineering
    ​Learning Next-Generation Aerosol Models for Global Climate ​Simulation

For abstracts of these projects and more information please visit the NCSA Fellowship program website.

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