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PEcAn 1.4.4 released

The Predictive Ecosystem Analyzer (PEcAn) is an integrated ecological bioinformatics toolbox (LeBauer et al, 2013) which consists of: 1) a scientific workflow system to manage the immense amounts of publicly-available environmental data and 2) a Bayesian data assimilation system to synthesize this information within state-of-the-art ecosystems models. This project is motivated by the fact that many of the most pressing questions about global change are not necessarily limited by the need to collect new data as much as by our ability to synthesize existing data. This project seeks to improve this ability by developing a framework for integrating multiple data sources in a sensible manner.

The major new feature of this release of PEcAn is the ability to launch workflows from the web interface that then run on remote machines (e.g. clusters, cloud services). PEcAn further supports both remote and local servers that use qsub to schedule job execution instead of just running the job. The web interface can now also be configured to control user access to visualizing and downloading existing outputs versus running new workflows. This allows you to provide broad access to model outputs and analyses on your server without risk that unauthorized users will burden compute resources with additional runs.

For full release notes see the PEcAn GitHub repository. You can also download a VM image with all software installed.

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