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Undergraduate SPIN fellows to present their NCSA projects on May 1

University of Illinois faculty, staff, and students are invited to attend the SPIN Fellows Symposium from 3:30 to 5:30 pm May 1 at the NCSA Building, Room 1040. Students participating in the National Center for Supercomputing Applications’ SPIN Fellows program will present their work, and a pizza reception will follow.

NCSA SPIN (Students Pushing Innovation) pairs undergraduate students with experienced staff at the supercomputing center. These mentors assist the students in pursuing projects in areas such as high-performance and extreme-scale computing, data analysis and visualization, computer vision, and more.

Fellows who will be presenting at the symposium are:

  • Kiersten Jabusch, junior, human computer interaction, and Sanny Lin, senior, graphic design. Project: Visualizing Moving Stories. Mentor: Guy Garnett
  • Austin Lin, senior, theater. Project: Making Art Happen. Mentor: Donna Cox
  • Jonathan Kirby, sophomore, computer science. Project: Logging and Synchronization in Virtual Director. Mentor: Donna Cox
  • Robert Cheung, junior, computer science and finance. Project: Optical Music Recognition: Applications on Mobile. Mentors: Colleen Bushell and Michael Welge
  • David Zmick, freshman, computer science. Project: A Story about Twitter and Innovation. Mentors: Colleen Bushell and Michael Welge
  • Nikoli Dryden, junior, computer science. Project: A Parallelized GDH-based Debugger. Mentor: Daniel LaPine
  • Michael Marshall, sophomore, math and computer science. Project: Computer Science in Private Business. Mentor: Merle Giles

A new cohort of SPIN fellows will be recruiting in fall 2013. For more information about SPIN, visit

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