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Volodymyr Kindratenko to guest edit journal

NCSA’s Volodymyr Kindratenko will guest edit the May/June 2012 issue of Computing in Science & Engineering. The special issue will focus on the use of GPUs in science and engineering applications. Submissions for the issue are now being accepted. They can cover all aspects of the topic, but articles presenting results of porting efforts of large-scale scientific applications on large-scale GPU-based high-performance computers are of special interest.

For more details on the special issue, see:

Manuscripts should be submitted via the IEEE Computer Society manuscript submission and review site. They are due August 21, 2011.

Disclaimer: Due to changes in website systems, we've adjusted archived content to fit the present-day site and the articles will not appear in their original published format. Formatting, header information, photographs and other illustrations are not available in archived articles.

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