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Data Analysis and Visualization

In enabling scientific discovery the DAV group’s efforts lie between the support of domain-specific scientific workflows and direct, scientific contributions to the state of the art and the state of the practice in data analysis and visualization.  

DAV helps craft science-oriented, analytics-based visualizations both terrestrial and cosmic, including visual simulations of wind turbines, aircraft pressure, supernovae and even the magnetohydrodynamics of black holes. This work can involve anything from Blue Waters support to pioneering new visualization techniques, all within the frame of the scientific community.


Dave Bock headshot

David Bock

Lead Visualization Programmer, XSEDE ECSS

Mark Van Moer headshot

Mark Van Moer

Senior Visualization Programmer, Blue Waters Visualization

Jonghoon Kim headshot

Jonathon Kim

Senior Visualization Programmer, Blue Waters Visualization

Robert Sisneros headshot

Robert Sisneros

Technical Program Manager, Data Analysis and Visualization

Project Highlights

Visualization of orbiting black hole magnetohydrodynamics colorized with yellow, pink, and purple ripple-like effects from three objects with a B Magnitude key. The values are highest around the orbiting objects

Orbiting Black Hole Magnetohydrodynamics

Magnetohydrodynamic simulation of two orbiting blackholes done on the Blue Waters supercomputer. Visualization focused on the behavior of the field lines emanating from above the poles and how the orbits affected the particle density.

Visualization of a windmill farm with blue clouds representing air currents

Wind Farm Visualization

Studying the interaction between large wind farms with multiple wind turbines and the atmospheric boundary layer flow.



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