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Greg Bauer presents at Gateways 2022

Greg Bauer, NCSA’s senior technical program manager, is well aware that there’s more work to be done once a supercomputer is certified and ready for research. With Delta recently officially certified by the National Science Foundation (NSF), it’s time to spread the word about this next-gen resource available to researchers both on and off campus. While scientists who have previously used supercomputers for their research are already lining up to use Delta, there are researchers who still aren’t aware of all the benefits a supercomputing resource like Delta can bring to their project.

To help get that word out, Bauer joined Claire Stirm, project coordinator with the Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) to present their paper, Delta Gateway: Exploring Community Use of GPU Resources Through a Science Gateway at this year’s SGCI conference, Gateways 22. Conferences like these provide an opportunity to promote the work organizations like NCSA do, and they allow researchers to understand the full extent of how cyberinfrastructure can aid in their work.

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The Delta Science Gateway will provide an accessible platform for communities new to computing to explore and adopt accelerated computing via use of GPUs. The gateway will allow communities to deploy their software for others to use on Delta while the gateway tools from Hubzero enable community development.

Greg Bauer, Senior Technical Program Manager, NCSA

The paper Bauer presented focuses on the impact a supercomputer like Delta has on research projects, posing the question, “What could a research team accomplish if given access to the latest GPU hardware?” The authors answer this question with an impressive statistic as an example, “A molecular dynamics research team could process protein-ligand tests using 100 GPUs on Delta in about 3.6 days, a task that would take their local lab a full year using their own GPU hardware.”

These kinds of papers and presentations are an essential part of what NCSA does. By informing the public about the full capabilities of Delta, we bring new researchers on board, some of whom have never thought to use a supercomputer before. Bauer’s presentation was tailored with that idea in mind.  During the presentation, he offered insight into the new infrastructure of Delta, a GPU-heavy supercomputer, as well as proposals to make using Delta more friendly and familiar,  particularly for those new to the technology.

Learn more about NCSA Delta and its capabilities in this video:

This webinar provides information on the Delta system’s architecture (CPU, GPU, network, and storage), Delta allocations and the Delta early access program. Featured speakers: Greg Bauer, Brett Bode, Tim Boerner.
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