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NCSA Welcomes Leslie Froeschl to the Center Stage!

Leslie and her husband in Cancun

NCSA welcomes Leslie Froeschl to the stage! Leslie has been working at NCSA for seven years. She started with us as an associate project manager and over the years took on more responsibilities. Her impressive career led her to become a senior program manager. She also plays a key role on the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Coordination Ecosystem: Services & Support (ACCESS) team as the deputy project director for the ACCESS Operations grant. Her work on the ACCESS team has been fundamental to keeping things running smoothly. Leslie’s role at ACCESS is on the Operations team, where she helps them deliver innovative integrations across the ACCESS ecosystem in the areas of operations, data and networking, and cybersecurity. As the deputy project director, Leslie helps keep the team on track in meeting their goals. Her work at NCSA is similar in nature. At NCSA, Leslie works with the Integrated Cyberinfrastructure (ICI) team managing their workflows and keeping projects moving forward.

Without further ado, here’s Leslie, in her own words.

Leslie and her family
Leslie and her family

What are your title and team?

I am the senior program manager for ICI and ACCESS Operations

What project are you currently working on?

I work closely with Tim Boerner, assistant director for integrated cyberinfrastructure (ICI), on ICI directorate-level strategic planning, budgeting and staff/resource planning. We are currently working on refining our mission statement and strategic goals and will soon be working with all of the ICI teams to identify metrics we can track to demonstrate progress toward those goals. In addition, I spend much of my time in my role as the deputy director for the ACCESS Operations grant.

What are your hopes for the future here?

To survive April when we have to complete our annual report and annual NSF review for ACCESS. Honestly, NCSA is a great place to be. I’m proud and honored to be part of such an impressive and hard-working team, and I look forward to continuing to find ways to use my skills to advance the important work of the Center!

From top left, Leslie, Chit Khin (technical program manager, NCSA), JD Maloney (senior research storage engineer, NCSA) and Eric Boyer at SC19

What’s your favorite book, story, or band? Tell us why you might recommend it.

I like all kinds of books, but mostly historical fiction. While WWII-themed novels are my favorite, I recently finished (and loved!) Daisy Jones and the Six and am now enjoying watching the series on Prime!

What might people find you doing outside of work?

Spending as much time as possible with my 2-year-old granddaughter, Chase! And enjoying summer weekends on our boat at Lake Shelbyville!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Great people do things before they’re ready and before they know they can do it. Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back from stepping out and trying to do that next great thing!

Thank you, Leslie, for coming up to the stage to answer our questions. We look forward to seeing who will step into the spotlight next month!

From bottom: Leslie, Laura Herriot (associate director, user services, NCSA) and Tim Boerner (associate director, integrated cyberinfrastructure, NCSA) riding a streetcar through New Orleans Garden District during PEARC17
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