Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation

The Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation (Center for AI) at Illinois builds on existing initiatives across campus to establish a central nexus for spearheading AI research and application. The Center for AI mobilizes faculty expertise in AI, trains a new generation of AI leaders, and innovates novel implementations of the field's foundational tools to address ambitious challenges in big-data research and industry and technology.

Pioneering Research

The Center for AI empowers and supports research and advancement in AI through its faculty affiliate program. The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) provides researchers with cutting-edge compute hardware and expert guidance from advanced computing specialists.

Student Talent

Students across the University of Illinois system have the opportunity to participate in a Center for AI capstone course, receive dedicated training in AI, and apply their knowledge to real problems through yearlong industry and faculty internships. Students who complete the Center for AI program graduate with proven skills and experience in applied AI.

Industry Applications

The Center for AI leverages existing partnerships and forges new collaborations to solve difficult multidisciplinary challenges and expand awareness of what AI can achieve. Maximizing synergies between industry teams, students, computing experts, and researchers enable powerful, adaptive, lasting solutions to intractable problems.

To find out more about the Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation, or to get involved, please contact Eliu Huerta at