NCSA headlines

  1. Executive Order establishes National Strategic Computing Initiative

    This coordinated research, development, and deployment strategy is designed to advance core technologies to solve difficult computational problems and foster increased use of the new capabilities in the public and private sectors. Read more

    released on 07.29.15

  2. XSEDE Campus Bridging effort helps more people access cyberinfrastructure

    The team makes it easier to connect researchers' analyses to the national cyberinfrastructure, smoothing the way for discovery and breakthroughs. Read more

    released on 07.27.15

  3. PEcAn 1.4.3 released

    The Predictive Ecosystem Analyzer (PEcAn) toolbox provides a scientific workflow system to manage heterogeneous environmental data and a Bayesian data assimilation system to synthesize this information within state-of-the-art ecosystems models. Read more

    released on 07.23.15

  4. Over $17 million in computing time allocated via XSEDE

    At the recent XSEDE Resource Allocations Committee review, 341 million computing hours, valued at $17.05 million, were awarded to 138 research projects throughout the country. Read more

    released on 07.15.15

  5. Call for Papers: Workshop on Software Development Environments for High-Performance Computing

    Submissions are due by Aug. 14 for this workshop, which will be held Oct. 18-21 in San Francisco. Read more

    released on 07.14.15

  6. Illinois-NCSA team receives $1.8M to create data platform for Big Data in plants

    Researchers will develop a cutting-edge, automated system to collect, analyze, and share data on multiple characteristics of sorghum, a key bioenergy crop, and to link observational data to genomic data. Read more

    released on 07.13.15

  7. iSEE funds plants in silico project

    NCSA is part of a team that will research how to accurately predict and model plant response to climate change—from the molecular to the ecosystem level. Read more

    released on 07.13.15

  8. Stodden: Access to big data is crucial for credibility of computational research

    NCSA faculty affiliate and library and information science professor Victoria Stodden says sharing code and data will become the standard to ensure reproducibility of science. Read more

    released on 07.10.15

  9. Joint Lab for Extreme-Scale Computing workshop brings together top HPC centers

    Technical sessions focused on application and numerical libraries; parallel programming, runtime and tools; resilience; big data, I/O and visualization; and cloud for HPC. Read more

    released on 07.07.15

  10. Blue Waters simulations suggest there are fewer faint galaxies than expected

    Blue Waters simulations suggest there are fewer faint galaxies than expected

    "We simulate thousands of galaxies at a time, including their interactions through gravity and radiation, and that poses a tremendous computational challenge,” said principal investigator Brian O’Shea. Read more

    released on 07.01.15

  11. NCSA Scheduler tool released on GitHub

    Scheduler helps users submit a large number of independent jobs to the queue for Blue Waters and other high-performance computing systems. Read more

    released on 07.01.15

  12. Caterpillar expands relationship with NCSA for hosting realistic simulations

    Caterpillar expands relationship with NCSA for hosting realistic simulations

    Research hosted on NCSA's iForge supercomputer will enable improved product designs. Read more

    released on 06.24.15