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Artificial Intelligence

All-in on AI.
In the next millennium, the biggest advances in human innovation may not be human at all.

From natural language processing to drug discovery, artificial intelligence is playing an increasing role in our daily lives. That’s why we’ve created an entire center dedicated to this emerging field, centralizing research and synergizing efforts to explore its full potential.

Here, we empower and support advancements in AI by leveraging NCSA’s cutting-edge technology and expertise, and facilitating collaboration across multiple disciplines including agriculture, astrophysics, automotive, big data and infrastructure. And, it’s why we’re the choice for critical projects like mitigating the impact of COVID-19.

NCSA Spotlight

Aiman Soliman headshot

Aiman Soliman
Research Scientist

Aiman is a spatial data scientist who works with physical and social big data.

The share of geospatial big data significantly increased because it is easy to record location and time information for every collected data. NCSA’s facilities and cross-disciplinary culture provides me with the means for utilizing big data to support the sustainable development of our community and industrial partners.

Project Highlights

HOLL-I supercomputer interior image showcasing more than 11 rows of hard drives and cables


HOLL-I is a machine-learning targeted, high-speed computing resource, useful for training big data sets and dedicated to serving campus and industry needs.

Rendering of the Large Hadron Collider showcasing the interior mechanics of the collider that then fades into an aerial view of a mountainous landscape and city


See how researchers are using high-energy physics to develop a FAIR framework that advances our understanding of AI.

Ground-level robot moving between crop rows in a lush and green corn field


From autonomous farming to livestock optimization, artificial intelligence is playing an increasing role in the life of the modern family farm. Learn how we’re shaping the future of farming with this important project, led by the Center for Digital Agriculture.


In the News
A visitor plays black hole pong at the NCSA Gravity Group exhibit.

EOH 2024 at NCSA

NCSA hosted award-winning exhibits, scavenger hunts and future STEM researchers at this year’s Engineering Open House.
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