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Integrated Cyberinfrastructure

Network Meets Know How.
Major leaps in technology require an integrated cyberinfrastructure that’s both accessible and secure.

From the beginning we’ve helped facilitate that by providing the integrated computing, data, networking and visualization resources essential to research – and the expertise to secure it. 

NCSA is a recognized leader in both local-site and distributed-systems security, with decades of experience in designing and deploying systems that keep vital data secure. That’s why we’re trusted by institutions like the University of Illinois and the Mayo Clinic to keep the data that powers discovery safe.

NCSA Spotlight

Alex Withers portrait

Alex Withers
Assistant Director for Cybersecurity

Alex is the chief information security officer, security co-manager for the XSEDE project and NCSA’s HIPPA Security Liaison.

NCSA provides a diverse environment that enables science by connecting researchers to a trustworthy and productive, global-scale cyberinfrastructure.

Project Highlights

Daylight photograph of Yosemite National Park and mountain range

Taiga and Granite

Taiga allows researchers to access their data on multiple systems simultaneously improving their ability to run science pipelines across batch, cloud and container resources. Granite integrates with the Taiga system, offering affordable, accessible,  secure tape storage.

Photograph of a white and grey cloudy sky with sun rays peeking through the clouds


Radiant is NCSA’s private cloud computing service for NCSA and University of Illinois faculty and staff offering virtual machines, computing time in cores, storage of various types and more.



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