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Health Sciences

Exploring the Universe Within.
We’re boldly going where few have gone before, using big data to drive the latest advances in healthcare.

The human body is infinitely complex and health is affected by everything from the genes that dictate the color of our eyes and our risk for disease, to the food we eat, our behavior and our environment. At NCSA we help researchers decode its mysteries. Leveraging our expertise in data analytics, software development, simulation, cybersecurity, and visualization drives innovations that could lead to longer and healthier lives. We continue to expand our contribution through academic and clinical partnerships including Mayo Clinic, Northwestern, Carle and others that help us rapidly bring these innovations to the forefront of medical care.

NCSA Spotlight

Colleen bushell headshot

Colleen Bushell
Associate Director, Heathcare Innovation

Colleen specializes in the area of visual analytics, specifically visualization design and software user interface development for communicating complex information.

I am driven to contribute my skills to the interdisciplinary effort needed to better understand human health – especially autoimmune diseases and cancers. NCSA provides a diverse, supportive environment that enables innovation.

Project Highlights

Concept image of a supercomputer.


A HIPAA-compliant secure system capable of data storage and powerful computation. Nightingale offers a new way to manage complex requirements surrounding sensitive data, taking the burden off the user so they can focus on their research.

Dark blue gloves hold a blue-green to purple gradient strip with a barcode sticker on the bottom. Various clear boxes in the background contain more strips.

Tumor Phylogeny

Find out how visualizing the progression of tumors can help clinicians provide more targeted treatment for patients with cancer.


A doctor holding a glowing DNA strand in her hands. The background has images of cancer cells and circuitry. Image meant to convey the collaboration between HPC and medicine

Driven by Impact

NCSA, Mayo Clinic have collaborated for over a decade to leverage data for better health outcomes
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