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Compute Resources

Powerhouse on the Prairie.
Since 1986, NCSA has provided researchers with leading-edge computational tools and innovative resources to support them.

From one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers to the most performant GPU-based system, NCSA has always led the field of computational research. And, through programs like ACCESS and our Institutional Partnerships, we make our resources available to a broad slate of researchers worldwide. 

We also serve the University of Illinois research community through Illinois Computes, a program offering computing and data storage resources, technical expertise and support services to researchers of all domains across campus. Illinois Computes makes access to our computing systems, interdisciplinary and technical knowledge, and support infrastructure easy to obtain with little to no cost for researchers.

NCSA Spotlight

Chris Pond headshot

Chris Pond
Lead Database Administrator

Chris leads the Scientific Databases Group at NCSA, specializing in data-intensive research projects across the center, the UIUC campus and national and international research communities.

I am excited to collaborate with researchers at the University of Illinois and elsewhere, to further their work through our expertise in data systems and database technologies. We hope to continue to make an impact in areas like COVID-19 research, which is so critical as the pandemic continues.

Project Highlights

Abstract photograph of computer hardware with an overlaying geometric triangular pattern in blue


Delta offers a balanced mixture of CPU and GPU nodes and is the most performant GPU computing resource in the National Science Foundation’s portfolio.

Concept image of a supercomputer.


A HIPAA-compliant secure system capable of data storage and powerful computation. Nightingale offers a new way to manage complex requirements surrounding sensitive data, taking the burden off the user so they can focus on their research.

Daylight photograph of Yosemite National Park and mountain range

Taiga and Granite

Taiga allows researchers to access their data on multiple systems simultaneously improving their ability to run science pipelines across batch, cloud and container resources. Granite integrates with the Taiga system, offering affordable, accessible,  secure tape storage.



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