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Building a Better World.
From the latest advances in scramjet technology to earth-bound builds that push the design limits.

We work with world-class partners to reach higher, go further and build smarter. Every day, we use sophisticated simulations and advanced modeling techniques to take Illinois innovation wherever it’s needed most.

Partnering with colleagues on campus, like the outstanding Grainger School of Engineering, as well as industry giants such as Rolls Royce and John Deere, NCSA helps push the boundaries of engineering with the application of high-performance computing at a massive scale. 

NCSA Spotlight

Elif Ertekin headshot

Elif Ertekin
Associate Professor, Mechanical Science and Engineering

Professor Ertekin works in computational materials science and mechanics to design new functional materials across a variety of applications.

Working with NCSA has helped my team produce software and simulation tools to help researchers improve our understanding of emerging nanomanufacturing processes.

Project Highlights

Stylized image of a computer processor with remixed overlaying media in blue and pink


Big leaps in technology often require major advances at the nanoengineering level. See how we’re doing that, creating a community with the software tools and training materials to take nanomanufacturing to the next level.

Abstract coding of software in various colors like cyan, purple, pink, yellow, and orange


How would different communities recover from the impact of natural disasters? The IN-CORE project seeks to find out.


Navy Faculty Fellows text with Block I logo on a translucent blue and grey background

NCSA Welcomes 2020-21 Faculty Fellows

The NCSA Faculty Fellowship is a competitive program for faculty and researchers at the University of Illinois which provides seed funding for new collaborations that include NCSA staff as integral contributors to the project.

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