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Data-driven. People-powered.

At the heart of everything we do is a spirit of collaboration, honoring how individual expertise can, collectively, best solve research’s grand challenges.

Working across directorates, guided by a cabinet representing all functions of our organization, NCSA addresses projects as a whole, applying an integrated approach to all we do.

Administrative Office Leads

Engagement Leads (Center/Program/Project Office)

  • TBD, Senior Assistant Director, Engagement
  • Vikram Adve, Principal Investigator, Artificial Intelligence for Future Agricultural Resilience, Management, and Sustainability
  • Brett Bode, Senior Assistant Director, Delta Project Office
  • Colleen Bushell, Associate Director, Healthcare Innovation Program Office
  • Jonathan Freund, Co-Director, Center for Exascale-enabled Scramjet Design Project Office
  • Volodomyr Kindratenko, Director, Center for AI Innovation
  • Bill Kramer, Executive Director, New Frontiers Initiative
  • Daniel Lapine, Senior Technical Program Manager, Innovative Systems Lab
  • John MacMullen, Executive Director, Midwest Big Data Hub
  • Brendan McGinty, Executive Director, Center for Digital Agriculture
  • Brendan McGinty, Associate Director, Industry Program
  • Don Petravick, Senior Program Manager, Dark Energy Survey Project
  • Stephen Pietrowicz , Principal Research Programmer, Rubin Observatory
  • John Towns, PI, ACCESS Coordination Office
  • Joaquin Vieira, Director, Center for Astrophysical Surveys

Integrated Cyberinfrastructure Leads

  • James Glasgow, Technical Program Manager, Advanced Systems Division
  • Doug Fein, Assistant Director, Continuous Improvement and Innovation Division
  • David Wheeler, Senior Technical Program Manager, Data Management and Delivery Division

Research Consulting Leads

Software Leads

  • Jong Lee, Deputy Associate Director, Software
  • Matthew Berry, Lead Research Programmer, Visual Analytics
  • Lisa Gatzke, Lead Research UIX Designer, UI/UX 
  • Rob Kooper, Lead Research Programmer, Software Design Delivery and Deploy
  • Luigi Marini, Lead Research Programmer, Software Applications and Data Lab
  • Chris Navarro, Lead Research Programmer, Research Software Applications and Learning Technologies
  • Nathan Tolbert, Lead Research Programmer, Tools for Research Institutes and Infrastructure
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