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Software and Applications

Binary Brilliance.
From the early days of the internet, we’ve been a leader in the development and deployment of new computing and software technologies.

At NCSA, you’ll find entire divisions dedicated to every aspect of software development and applications support. 

From scientific software to industrial application domains to advanced cybersecurity and networking, we provide the solutions that enable science to advance.  Monitoring the makeup of the Great Lakes with our Clowder framework. Creating a digital ecosystem for safer mobile apps through Rokwire. These are just two examples of how NCSA’s software and applications team is influencing our experiences – today and tomorrow. 

NCSA Spotlight

Jong Lee headshot

Jong Lee
Deputy Associate Director

Jong co-leads the software directorate and leads research projects to develop cyberinfrastructure for various scientific domains.

From my work, I am able to witness the advancement of science via our software and platform, and able to witness the growth of staff as research software engineers and leaders.

Project Highlights

Abstract coding of software in various colors like cyan, purple, pink, yellow, and orange


How would different communities recover from the impact of natural disasters? The IN-CORE project seeks to find out.

Aerial photograph of Earth's landscape from space with landmass seen in various greens and white and bodies of water in blues and white


The NSF EarthCube program has advanced how data and tools are found and utilized – as well as scientific scholarship itself – by issuing one of the first Call for Notebooks as peer-reviewed, scholarly objects emphasizing runnable software.


Characters of people holding a blockchain network illustration

Innovators Bridging Research and Software Engineering

Over the past 10 years, the field of Research Software Engineering has emerged at the intersection of software development and research. We spoke with NCSA Research Software Engineers to learn more about their experience and the advice they have for those interested in this career path.
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