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Project Profile

The EarthCube community’s strength comes from its strong penchant for collaboration and camaraderie. EarthCube also provides sharable tools, methods, and cyberinfrustructure to those working in geosciences research. However, the diverse community of domain scientists, computational scientists, and data scientists is where EarthCube’s power truly lies. 

EarthCube’s community are working in many directions, but a shared goal is helping the geosciences community to predict responses of the Earth as a system. This could include actions within the inner core of our planet, or even studying the space-atmosphere boundary. 

Many members of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) also serve as part of the EarthCube community, such as Dr. Kenton McHenry. A Co-Private Investigator, McHenry brings expertise in scientific software development, cyberinfrastructure, and machine learning. 


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