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Welcome to a World of Support.
We'll help you get started on a supercomputer and never stop providing the support you need to be successful in your research.


Our experts offer 24/7 support to keep your project running smoothly all day, every day. Start on one of NCSA’s resources or let us help you find the right supercomputer from around the U.S. through XSEDE. Whatever your need, we have dozens of options to get you started and unparalleled support to keep you going.


NCSA has had a long history of successful collaborations with research teams through projects such as the NSF-funded Blue Waters and XSEDE, as well as the University of Illinois-funded Research Software Collaborative Service. We offer the opportunity to provide expertise at a level appropriate to the scope of your proposed work, without the need to hire full-time personnel to address these concerns. 

You can write NCSA staff into a proposal to get support beyond what we can offer through our funded projects such as XSEDE. In this case, we would serve as a collaborator on your proposal, be included as funded personnel on your budget team and help with proposal preparation. 

NCSA Spotlight

Greg Bauer
Senior Technical Program Manager

Greg enables researchers to use computational resources and achieve new insights.

As a former researcher, I know allocated time on computation resources is valuable. I make it my goal at NCSA to ensure that researchers are able to efficiently use their allocations on current systems.

Project Highlights

Illinois Campus Cluster

The Illinois Campus Cluster provides access to computing and data storage resources and frees you from the hassle of administering your own compute cluster.


Radiant is NCSA’s private cloud computing service for NCSA and University of Illinois faculty and staff offering virtual machines, computing time in cores, storage of various types and more.


False-color image of the Whirlpool Galaxy

Helping Teens Study the Universe

High school students got first-hand experience studying space and the Universe last week through the Girls’ Astronomy Summer Camp run by Illinois’ Department of Astronomy and NCSA’s Center for Astrophysical Surveys.

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