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Illinois Allocation Requests

Delta ILLINOIS Allocation Schedule

Five percent of Delta is reserved for researchers at the University of Illinois and is allocated two times per year.

Getting started with illinois

To get started with Illinois allocations, request an NCSA Kerberos account.  Account creation may take up to 24 hours once requested.

Once your user account has been created, you can submit proposals for open Illinois allocation requests by visiting the NCSA XRAS Submit portal.

XSEDE Allocation Requests and Schedules

Getting started with XSEDE

To get started with XSEDE allocations, create an XSEDE User Portal (XUP) account. The XSEDE User Portal (XUP) is a web-based, single point-of-entry to the XSEDE system providing:

  • Allocation request submission capability
  • Access to all your XSEDE accounts and allocated resources
  • Up-to-date information on your accounts and and allocation usage
  • Interfaces for data transfers, data collections and other user tasks and resources
  • Subscriptions to user news and announcements
  • Training class registration and schedule
  • Access to the XSEDE Help Desk and User Forums

See the Getting Started with XSEDE page on the XSEDE User Portal.

XSEDE Allocation Schedule

XSEDE resources, including Delta, are allocated through Research and Education allocations on a quarterly allocation schedule.

September 15 – October 15Early DecemberDecember 15January 1
March 15 – April 15Early JuneJune 15July 1
June 15 – July 15Late August/
Early September
September 15October 1
December 15 – January 15Early MarchMarch 15April 1
New users are strongly encouraged to seek a Startup Allocation before requesting a Research Allocation. You can also obtain access to XSEDE resources through your Campus Champion.  Find out who your local Campus Champion is here.

NCSA Compute Resources

NCSA offers access to a variety of resources that can be requested through the XSEDE program or by University of Illinois users through our Illinois allocations.

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