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Institutional Partnerships

Working Together. Moving Ahead.

Since 2012, we’ve been a part of bold institutional partnerships designed to accelerate research, including the Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub and the Digital Transformation Institute. Through these unique collaborations, we bring the best minds together to solve the world’s biggest problems. Meeting the challenges of today. And powering the possibilities of tomorrow.

NCSA plays a leading role in major projects funded by the National Science Foundation, and partners with regional and national institutions as well as titans of industry, like Microsoft, to advance high-performance computing and all it can do for society now and in the future.


Plants with water spraying around them. Data points hover over the plants. Meant to convey the idea of smart irrigation and water cycles.

The Rising Mists

Scientists from the University of Illinois use NCSA’s Delta to power the speed of their research on evapotranspiration.

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