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Project Profile

Using cloud-like virtualization, Radiant gives researchers a flexible and scalable computing solution with an important twist. Unlike traditional cloud architectures, Radiant keeps everything on-site at the National Supercomputing Center Application (NCSA) campus. 

Researchers can create virtual machines as small as 1 vCPU with 2GB RAM, and the system allows individuals to max out at 32 vCPUs and 64GB RAM. Every project is also encapsulated so other Radiant system users cannot see, access, or disrupt machines that are not a part of their specific project. By giving users the versatility of working with a single virtual machine, or many small ones, Radiant provides the flexibility of the cloud with the reassurance of on-site resources. 

What’s more, Radiant is generally a much more secure option than the cloud because it adheres to NCSA’s strict security requirements. Researchers won’t need to concern themselves as much with ensuring the security of their data to NCSA’s standards, and can spend that time focusing on their work. 

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