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Healthcare Innovation Program Office

The Healthcare Innovation program office brings cohesion to the many healthcare projects at NCSA. It ensures alignment with relevant research activities across campus and with the University system’s mission in the health domains. The objective is to provide powerful methods, tools and ecosystems for translational research and innovation in support of healthcare advancement. These broadly include software, analysis, visualization, user-experience design, data, compute, and cyberinfrastructure.

Adding to NCSA’s legacy of healthcare innovation, this program office forges new relationships with clinical, academic, and industry partners. Project highlights include:

  • Accelerating the genomic processing pipeline to reduce turn-around time for patient genetic tests
  • Providing HIPAA-compliant cyberinfrastructure and user support for clinical partners and researchers (Nightingale Overview and Costs)
  • Developing software for executing AI approaches on biological and patient data and studying results through novel visual techniques
  • Creating workflow systems to perform image annotation and deep learning analysis on pathology images
  • Implementing mobile apps and cyberinfrastructure to support the management of COVID-19 testing

NCSA Healthcare Innovation looks forward to enabling the next advancements that will transform lives.

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