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Project Profile

The Cloud, Aerosol and Monsoon Processes Philippines Experiment (CAMP2Ex) is an attempt to better understand both tropical meteorology and aerosol science at the meso-b to cloud level. In simpler terms, NASA wanted to research the role human-produced and natural aerosol particles play in precipitation near the Philippines during the Southwest Monsoon. 

Dr. Larry Di Girolamo led researchers at the Di Girolamo Research Group to assist NASA in the formulation of CAMP2Ex. The various goals of this work required some complex computational work. For instance, the group wished to research how aerosol particle concentration and composition affect shallow cumulus and congestus clouds. Of course, work such as this is computationally expensive. Therefore, the group relied on resources from NCSA. For instance, the NCSA Advanced-VIsualization Lab worked to prototype a visualization tool that combines data from various CAMP2Ex field campaign instruments.


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