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Delta Illinois Allocation Award Requests Open

Delta is a research computing and data resource enabling GPU-accelerated computing with access to CPU resources and storage; allocation awards will focus primarily on GPU applications but would not preclude a CPU-only allocation.

Delta is funded by the National Science Foundation through its Advanced Computing Systems and Services program. Through the terms of NCSA’s award, five percent of the Delta resource is allocated directly to UIUC researchers, with the majority of remaining time allocated through XSEDE

The Delta resource will be a production system by the end of Spring 2022. If you have already received an Illinois allocation award on Delta, you will be invited to participate in the early user period. As the demand for Delta has been quite high, allocations awarded in 2021 were reduced to allow more recipients; therefore, you are encouraged to apply for another award if you think that your current award will be quickly utilized.

Start-up awards of up to 1,000 GPU hours and 50,000 CPU core hours may be requested for test runs and to determine full allocation request needs. Typical allocation awards scale up to 25,000 GPU hours or 690,000 CPU core hours. More information on Delta Policies & Submissions Guidelines as well as Proposal Submission Instructions can be found on the Delta Illinois Allocation webpage. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out:

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