Bill Gropp

Bill Gropp
NCSA Director

Chief Scholar, Chief Scientist

Donna Cox

Donna Cox
Associate Director, Chief Scholar

Daniel S. Katz

Daniel S. Katz
Chief Scientist

Directorate Leads

Associate Director, Administration

Laura T. Herriott

Laura T. Herriott
Associate Director, User Services

Kenton McHenry

Kenton McHenry
Associate Director, Software

Amy Schuele

Amy Schuele
Associate Director, Integrated Cyberinfrastructure

John Towns

John Towns
Executive Associate Director, Engagement

Administrative Office Leads

Engagement Leads (Center/Program/Project Office)

  • Amanda Lombardo, Senior Assistant Director, Engagement
  • Vikram Adve, Principal Investigator, Artificial Intelligence for Future Agricultural Resilience, Management, and Sustainability
  • Tim Boerner, Senior Assistant Director, Delta Project Office
  • Colleen Bushell, Associate Director, Healthcare Innovation Program Office
  • Michelle Butler, Senior Assistant Director, Vera C. Rubin Observatory Project
  • Donna Cox, Associate Director, Research and Education Division
  • Donna Cox, Senior Research Scientist, Advanced Visualization Laboratory
  • Jonathan Freund, Co-Director, Center for Exascale-enabled Scramjet Design Project Office
  • TBD, Director, Center for AI Innovation
  • Bill Kramer, Executive Director, Blue Waters Project Office
  • Volodomyr Kindratenko, Senior Research Scientist, Innovative Systems Laboratory
  • Seid Koric, Technical Assistant Director, Industrial Application Domains
  • John MacMullen, Executive Director, Midwest Big Data Hub
  • Brendan McGinty, Executive Director, Center for Digital Agriculture
  • Brendan McGinty, Associate Director, Industry Program
  • Don Petravick, Senior Program Manager, Dark Energy Survey Project
  • Robert Sisneros, Senior Research Scientist, Data Analysis and Visualization
  • John Towns, PI and Project Director, XSEDE Project Office
  • Joaquin Vieira, Director, Center for Astrophysical Surveys

Integrated Cyberinfrastructure Leads

  • James Glasgow, Technical Program Manager, Advanced Systems Division
  • Daniel Lapine,┬áTechnical Program Manager, Continuous Improvement and Innovation Division
  • David Wheeler, Technical Program Manager, Data Management and Delivery Division
  • Alex Withers, Assistant Director, Cybersecurity Division

Software Leads

  • Jong Lee, Deputy Associate Director, Software
  • Matthew Berry, Lead Research Programmer, Visual Analytics
  • Rob Kooper, Lead Research Programmer, Software Design Delivery and Deploy
  • Luigi Marini, Lead Research Programmer, Software Applications and Data Lab
  • Chris Navarro, Lead Research Programmer, Research Software Applications and Learning Technologies
  • Steve Pietrowicz, Lead Research Programmer, Middleware Technology Group
  • Nathan Tolbert, Lead Research Programmer, Tools for Research Institutes and Infrastructure

User Services Leads