The Cybersecurity Directorate at NCSA is composed of researchers, developers, and network security specialists who work to advance the state of the art of cybersecurity, apply those advances to key science, engineering, government, and law enforcement user communities, and protect NCSA's networks and substantial computing resources.

The Cybersecurity Directorate also includes NCSA's Security Operations Team. This group is responsible for incident response and production security at NCSA.

Our Mission

  • Design, develop, and apply unique, state-of-the-art trustworthy cyberinfrastructure to meet real world needs in science, engineering, law enforcement, and critical infrastructure.
  • Research and develop security solutions to meet community requirements when solutions are not available.
  • Develop a balance between security and usability tailored to the needs of each user community.
  • Maintain the security of NCSA resources and digital data.

For more information, visit or contact Cybersecurity Director Randy Butler (