NCSA Industry offers partners globally recognized domain expertise, comprehensive infrastructure services, and the ability to collaborate across the University of Illinois system with renowned faculty and motivated students.

  • Bioinformatics and Genomics

    Development, automation, exploration

    Production workflows and optimization for genomics, computational biology analysis on HPC and cloud

    Ask us about:

    • performance optimization
    • ML approaches
    • variant calling
    • benchmarking
    • pipeline automation
    • GWAS
    • software development
  • Data Analytics & AI

    Prediction, assurance, discovery

    Data analysis, data management, and machine learning at massive scale for HPC and cloud environments

    Ask us about:

    • applied machine learning
    • code optimization
    • applications
    • performance tuning
    • workforce training
    • GIS
  • Faculty & Student Collaborations

    Experience, advancement, training

    Partnerships with elite faculty across wide-ranging specialties; career preparation and real-world experience for talented students

    Ask us about:

    • multidisciplinary centers
    • student work
    • publications
    • awards
    • Research Park
  • Modeling and Simulation

    Modernization, scaling, research

    Consulting for domain-specific fluid dynamics and finite element analysis on HPC

    Ask us about:

    • code profiling
    • multiphysics
    • FEA
    • CFD
    • benchmarking
    • parallelization
    • FSI
    • optimization
    • multiscale
  • Software and Applications

    Engineering, design, functionality

    Development of flexible, extensible software tools and frameworks for data analysis and management

    Ask us about:

    • metadata creation
    • open source platforms
    • data management
    • custom solutions
    • integration
  • Visualization

    Transformation, illumination, communication

    Exploration and application of representation techniques to maximize insight and understanding of complex data

    Ask us about:

    • user interfaces
    • visualization software
    • custom solutions
    • simulations
    • public outreach
    • VR
    • documentaries
  • Cybersecurity & Networking

    Connectivity, privacy, assessment

    Providing federated identity management, network monitoring and provision, software assurance, system protection, and analytics

  • Storage

    Access, organization, flexibility

    Design, configuration and system support of filesystem hardware and software, backup solutions, and archive environments

  • HPC Operations

    Solutions, infrastructure, support

    Building, optimizing, advancing and maintaining HPC systems for thousands of active users across the globe

We Speak Your Language!

Ask us about:

  • Our 8 spoken languages
  • Our 20+ programming languages: Android Studio, C, C++, C#, Bash, Fortran, Git, HTML/CSS, Java, JavaScript, Matlab, Perl, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, Spark, SQL, Stata, Unity...

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