iForge cluster

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iForge is a high-performance computing cluster designed specifically for NCSA’s industry partners. It features four distinct hardware platforms, each configured for different computational needs.

Distinct Hardware Platforms of iForge
(Non-Government Funded)
Blue Waters
(Government Funded)
Compute Servers Dell PowerEdge M630, C4100, C6420, C8000
Intel Xeon E7 v2 Reference
Cray XE6/XK7
OS Red Hat Linux 6.10 Cray Linux
Processors Intel Xeon E5 v3 "Haswell"
Intel Xeon E5/E7 v2 "Ivy Bridge"
Intel Xeon E5 v4 "Broadwell"
Intel Xeon Gold 6148 "Skylake"
AMD Opteron 6200 "Interlagos"
NVIDIA Tesla K20x "Kepler"
Total Nodes 94 (Intel) ~26,800
Total x86 Cores ~2,568 ~400,000
Total GPUs 8 (NVIDIA Tesla V100) 4,224
x86 Cores/Node 20, 24, 40, or 60 (Intel) 16 (XE6) or 8 (XE7)
Memory/Node 128 GB, 192 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, or 1.5 TB 64 GB (XE6) or 32 GB (XK7)
Interconnect EDR (100 Gb/sec) and
QDR (40 Gb/sec) InfiniBand
Cray "Gemini" (3D Torus)
File System IBM GPFS Lustre
Storage Space 7.2 PB 25 PB (scratch), 300 PB (nearline)
Max Job Wall-Clock 30 days 24 hours
Price/Core Hour $0.0974* ("normal" queues)
$0.0947* ("skylake" queues)
$0.1308* ("big_mem" queues)
$0.1433* ("super_mem" queues)
$0.1483* ("aforge" queues)
$0.1931* ("gpu" queues)

For more information on iForge, view the user documentation.