NCSA offers assistance 24/7 via our Help Desk as well as in-depth system training and information on utilizing cyberinfrastructure resources and allocations effectively.

Accounts & Allocations

NCSA has a variety of resources and services available to the research community. To get started with a user account or get more information about available/upcoming allocations, please visit:

Technical Consulting

We are available to assist users with issues associated with NCSA computational resources. We recommend referring to our resource documentation prior to submitting a request for assistance.

Examples of topics for collaborative support include:

  • Performance analysis
  • Software optimization
  • Efficient use of accelerators
  • I/O optimization
  • Data analytics
  • Visualization
  • Use of research computing resources by science gateways
  • Workflows

Resource Documentation

User Services provides services and support to users of resources located at NCSA and elsewhere. Please see the following to view documentation on the available resources.

NCSA Resources

Other Resources


NCSA offers training on topics to facilitate effective use of the resources it offers to the research community.