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NCSA welcomes 2016 SPIN interns

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) is excited to welcome a new cohort of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign undergraduate summer interns. These undergraduates are part of the Students Pushing Innovation (SPIN) program. They will be working at NCSA this summer participating in hands-on research and development projects in areas including supercomputing, data analytics, visualization, and more.

  • Jin Tak Lee is working with mentor Melissa Cragin on the Midwest Big Data Hub project
  • Emmanuel Guzman is working with mentor Cristopher Maffeo on “Porting CUDA-based Brownian Dynamics Simulation Package to OpenCL”
  • Yan Zhan and Rishi Thakkar are working with mentor Volodymyr Kindratenko on “Expeditions in Emerging Computer Architecture”
  • Michael Olson is working with mentor Volodymyr Kindratenko on “Exploring Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage for Data-Intensive Applications”
  • Diyu Luo is working with mentor Eliu Huerta on “Cyber-Security and Networking Advance Gravitational Wave Astrophysics”
  • Wei Ren is working with mentor Eliu Huerta on “Gravitational Wave Astrophysics in the Advanced Detector Era”
  • Aniruddha Pispati is working with mentor Andriy Kot on “Extracting Leftovers from Large Datasets on Blue Waters”
  • Wen Zhaoli and Zhongshen Zeng are working with mentor Andre Schleife on “Virtual Reality and Ray Tracing for Computational Materials Science”
  • Chin-Yu Cheng is working with mentor Andrew Ferguson on “Computational Design of Hepatitis C Vaccines using GPU-accelerated Bayesian Inference”
  • Aubrey Ray Laskowski is working with mentor Bertram Ludaescher on “Massively Parallel Computation of Dedekind Numbers”
  • Qiwen Wang is working with mentor Bertram Ludaescher on “Reproducibility of Script-Based Workflows: A Case Study and Demonstration”
  • Elliott Daniel Rodriguez is working with mentor Daniel Katz on “Scientific Workflow Systems (general computer science or astronomy-application specific)”
  • Udit Nangia is working with mentor Daniel Katz on “Understanding and Changing Scientific Software Citation Practices”
  • Philip Hoogland is working with mentor Iwona Jasiuk on “Design of Novel Alloys with Enhanced Electrical Conductivity”
  • Samuel Kaufman is working with mentor Jeremy Enos on “Multi-Session Monitoring”
  • Yibo Jiang is working with mentor Jeremy Enos on “Blue Waters Diagnostic Data: Analyzing the Design and Designing the Analysis”
  • Dan Hsu is working with mentor Hsi-Yu Schive on “GPU-accelerated Adaptive Mesh Refinement with OpenCL and OpenACC”
  • Matthew Benjamin Worley is working with mentor Barbara Minsker on “Uber Genetic Algorithm Library”
  • Junyu Li is working with mentor Liudmila Sergeevna Mainzer on “Using Large Memory Systems to Perform Plant Genomic Variant Calling by Assembly”
  • Asaf Geva is working with mentor Michael Miller on “Speech-to-Text Auto Captioning”
  • Lin Yushuo is working with mentor Michael Showerman on “Building Extensible Mobile Applications for Monitoring Large HPC Resources”
  • Dusad Krishna is working with mentors Yang Cao and Qian Zhang on “Provenance-Enabled Resource Map Generation using YesWorkflow”
  • Lai Haoming is working with mentors Donna Cox and Andrew Christensen on general projects for the Advanced Visualization Lab
  • Surya Teja Tadigadapa is working with mentor Peter Christensen on “The Economics of Traffic Congestion in Developing Country Cities: Big Data for Economics and Environmental Policy (B-DEEP)”
  • Austin Gilbert is working with Matthew Turk in the Data Exploration Laboratory
  • Vaibhav Pahwa, Varun Somani, Raghav Bakshi, Soumitri Vadali, Fengling Wang, Shravan Byra, and Rui An are all working on “Big Spatial Data and Computing” with mentor Jeff Terstriep

More information regarding the SPIN program can be found on the website

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