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Rolls-Royce partners with NCSA Industry to find engineering solutions faster

Rolls-Royce has been one of NCSA Industry’s longest-standing partners. Hear from Todd Simons, Rolls-Royce’s Computational Sciences Manager, about our collaborative partnership.

NCSA Industry’s computational experts have collaborated with the domain experts at Rolls-Royce to improve their internally developed software in order to best utilize high-performance computing. This collaboration led to improved code and better scalability of their software, ultimately enabling them to create better integrated power and propulsion systems in less time.

With more than 25 years of proven leadership in serving a wide variety of communities, NCSA Industry has built a reputation for accelerating real science and engineering, deploying innovative machine architectures at extreme scale, workforce development, and advancing the fields of data-intensive computing, cybersecurity, and visualization. To learn more about NCSA Industry and how to partner with us, please email Director of NCSA Industry, Brendan McGinty at

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