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XSEDE15: Viz Showcase deadline is May 31

The deadline to submit visualizations for the day-long Visualization Showcase at XSEDE15 is May 31.

Submissions must include a video (up to 5 minutes) and a document (up to two pages) describing the research, visualization techniques, role of visualization in supporting or advancing scientific inquiry, and brief information about the underlying data and hardware resources. When appropriate, submissions should also include any challenges that were overcome during the visualization process. Submissions should be made through the conference’s EasyChair site at

The submissions are not limited to XSEDE projects or resources, and may be featured by the National Science Foundation in the #BeautyOfComputing social media campaign.

The XSEDE15 Conference—to be held July 26-30 in St. Louis—will offer tutorials, plenary talks, panels, and in-depth technical content that will challenge experts in the field while also providing introductions to all aspects—the tools, technologies and methods—of computational science to people new to the use of these resources and services. This event will also provide a forum for discussion of challenges, opportunities, and solutions among HPC Center directors, computational scientists, researchers, engineers, students, educators, XSEDE staff, industry and government agency representatives from across the United States and internationally.

For more about XSEDE15, visit

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