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Collaborative Spaces at NCSA

From scientific visualization demonstrations to creative laboratories for research at the nexus of computing, art, engineering, humanities, and science, NCSA’s collaborative spaces aim to foster an environment of interdisciplinary connection and discovery for staff, faculty and students.

Creative Lab (2103)

This space offers extensive audio and video equipment as well as lighting and motion capture. It has been home to several collaborative projects over the years, including projects from Art & Design, Media, and Dance. It’s currently home to the Community Data Clinic led by Anita Chan.

Demo Space (1005)

This space on the first floor features an ultra-high resolution 4k 3D screen to demo the latest scientific visualizations from NCSA.

Undergraduate Student Collaboration space (1104)

Provides hoteling space to undergraduate interns working at NCSA, including the SPIN program. Space includes individual desks, projector and screen for presentations, and storage space for personal belongings.

Graduate Intern shared space (4103)

Provides hoteling space to graduate students working at NCSA and includes individual desks, conference table and white board, and storage space for personal belongings.

Faculty Drop-in Space        

Hoteling space for NCSA faculty affiliates which includes individual desks and white board.

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