1. Bro Network Security Monitor

    NCSA and the International Computer Science Institute co-develop the Bro NSM. Bro provides a comprehensive platform for network traffic analysis, with a particular focus on semantic security monitoring at scale. While often compared to classic intrusion detection/prevention systems, Bro takes a quite different approach by providing users with a flexible framework that facilitates customized, in-depth monitoring far beyond the capabilities of traditional systems. With initial versions in operational deployment during the mid ‘90s already, Bro finds itself grounded in more than 20 years of research. For more information, see the Bro Overview and our promotional document, Why Choose Bro?.

  2. 3D Utilities

    A Java library and set of tools built on OpenGL to load, save, view, manipulate, and compare 3D file content from a variety of formats. Including supported formats from NCSA Portfolio, the 3D Utilities contains loaders for 3DS, AC, BYU, COP, DAE, DXF, FACET, GEO, GTS, IOB, JVX, KMZ, LWS, MS3D, NFF, OBJ, OFF, PHD, PLG, PLY, POLY, Q3O, RAW, SDML, STP, TET, TM, TRI, VH, VTK, WRL, X, and X3D. Data loaded from the 3D files are returned in a simple Mesh data structure containing the models vertices and faces. Download 3D Utilities

  3. Amore

    Improves the rendering of Adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) data.

  4. CILogon

    Uses federated authentication to provide certificates for access to cyberinfrastructure. Download CILogon.

  5. Conversion Software Registry

    A registry of open- and closed-source software indexed according to the file formats they are capable of opening and saving. The CSR addresses a need to identify software capable of carrying out specific data conversions without having to obtain the software first.

  6. CyberIntegrator

    An exploratory workflow system emphasizing distributed execution of arbitrary software, data reproducibility, and ease of use. CyberIntegrator addresses the problem of analytical reproducibility in an era where nearly all research/practice involves software and digital data, and where both software and digital data can change over time thus preventing the reproduction of results. Projects using Cyberintegrator have developed interactive Web applications with easy-to-use interfaces supported by sophisticated back-end analyses and models for specific science, industry, and policy domains. Download CyberIntegrator

  7. Daffodil

    An implementation of the Data Format Description Language (DFDL) allowing for the creation and archiving of computer readable file format specifications. Once a DFDL specification is created, Daffodil allows new software to incorporate support for loading and saving content to that file type. In terms of digital preservation, DFDL offers a potential means of archiving, in an accessible and reusable manner, the specification needed to read a format so that future data might not suffer the fate of legacy data where the software to load that files contents no longer exists and the data, though in existence, can no longer be interpreted.

  8. Defuddle

    A data translation/extraction engine that supports mapping arbitrary ASCII and binary file formats to a data model defined in XML Schema using the XML-based Data Format Description Language. Download Defuddle.

  9. Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform

    An Eclipse plugin that provides an integrated development environment to support the development of parallel applications on high-performance computing resources written in C, C++, and Fortran.

  10. Edison-CFD

    A web application for the education of Computational Fluid Dynamics developed by NCSA and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) using Cyberintegrator workflows and PAW.

  11. Genie

    A simple interface to create atomically accurate DNA models based on real gene sequence data. It allows the user to create data in a number of geometry types and update the rendered appearance of the DNA through variables like bond lengths, atomic elements, and molecular identities.

  12. Im2Learn

    A suite of tools designed to address the gap between complex multi-instrument raw data and knowledge. Im2Learn automates repetitive analysis tasks and builds user-friendly decision-making systems for a variety of applications, including machine vision, precision farming, land use and land cover classification, map analysis, geo-spatial information systems (GIS), synthetic aperture radar (SAR) target and multi-spectral scene modeling, video surveillance, bioinformatics, microscopy and medical image processing, and advanced sensor environments. Download Im2Learn

  13. MarketMaker

    An interactive database of food industry marketing and business data that aims to build relationships between producers and consumers of food industry products and services.

  14. Medici

    A web-based content repository for structured and unstructured data, providing a platform for automatic metadata extraction, automatic data previews, distributed/heterogeneous data sources, social curation, and provenance.

  15. Metropolis

    An open-source interactive visualization tool for traffic engineers, developed by NCSA and Argonne National Lab. When city planners model the flow of traffic through an urban road network, they use the results of their simulations to predict normal traffic patterns, ameliorate traffic delays due to road closures, and determine the best evacuation plans in case of emergency. Unfortunately, most tools to visualize the results of their simulations only show snapshots in time, rather than the dynamic flow of traffic. Metropolis allows engineers to look at and follow the individual "virtual vehicles" in a simulation, to view the traffic metrics on individual streets, and to pick out hotspots in an urban simulation. Metropolis is designed to work with output from TRANSIMS, a suite of simulation tools used for traffic planning worldwide. Download Metropolis

  16. MyProxy

    Initially designed as a repository for grid credentials to enable secure grid portals, MyProxy has evolved into a full-featured grid authentication solution. Download MyProxy

  17. Partiview

    An interactive, mono- or stereoscopic viewer for four-dimensional datasets. It is written in C++ / OpenGL and has been compiled to run on Linux, Windows, OS X and Irix. Download Partiview

  18. PEcAn

    The Predictive Ecosystem Carbon Analyzer (PEcAn) allows researchers to run models such as the Ecosystem Demography and SIPNET over data obtained from a number of external sources in a manner that emphasizes and propagates uncertainties within the data. Download PEcAn

  19. PerfSuite

    A collection of tools, utilities, and libraries for software performance analysis. This software can help point the way toward selecting other tools and/or techniques using more specialized software if necessary. Download Perfsuite

  20. Polyglot

    Using a tool called a Software Server to program against functionality within arbitrary third-party software, Polyglot is a distributed service that carries out file format conversions using the open, save, import, and export capabilities among a dynamic and extensible collection of available software. Polyglot address the need to access content among the many possible formats available to store data digitally. Polyglot also addresses the problem of information loss that inevitably occurs through conversion and provides means of quantifying that loss and then minimizing it during future conversions. Download Polyglot

  21. Sea Grant GeoDashboard

    A web application that provides easy access to environmental monitoring data collected by various sources throughout the Great Lakes.

  22. Versus

    A framework that decomposes digital content based comparisons into reusable components of adapters which load data, extractors which extract semantically meaningful features within the data, descriptors that represent the data contents, measures which compare two descriptors to obtain a numerical difference, and indexers which organize a set of content descriptors according to some measure for efficient retrieval. Versus addresses a need to compare digital content among unstructured data (e.g. raw sensor data) and search collections for similar data.

  23. VirtualDirector

    A patented virtual reality interface that enables gestural motion capture and voice control of navigation, editing, and recording for scientific visualizations, Virtual Director allows users to use six-degree-of-freedom input devices to interactively navigate their dataset and record and edit camera paths. The camera paths can then be fed to offline rendering software for production. Virtual Director has been used to help create several IMAX movies, digital planetarium shows, and television shows, including the Oscar-nominated IMAX film "Cosmic Voyage" (1996), Hayden Planetarium's "The Search for Life: Are We Alone?" (2002), and the PBS Nova episode "Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity" (2006).

  24. UberFTP

    UberFTP is the an interactive, GridFTP-enabled ftp client. It supports GSI authentication, parallel data channels, and third-party transfers. Download UberFTP

  25. yt

    yt is a python package for analyzing and visualizing volumetric, multi-resolution data from astrophysical simulations, radio telescopes, and a burgeoning interdisciplinary community.